Ramayan Vatika Bareilly

Ramayan Vatika Bareilly —– Bareilly Development Authority will soon start the construction of Ramayana Vatika Bareilly in Ram ganga nagar housing scheme. The design and map has been prepared for the construction of the Vatika. In this, from the forest movement of Lord Shri Ram to all of Lord Vishnu

A pillar will be set up for the information of avatars. Along with this, plants of those species will be planted in the garden, under which Lord Shri Ram had rested. Has been taken. So that the new generation can be connected with religion, culture, environment.

Ramayana Vatika Bareilly will be based on the concept of Green Ramayana

The park is based on the concept of Harit Ramayana ( Green Ramayana ). Therefore, in this, the places through which Lord Shri Ram had passed at the time of his departure and where he had rested will be shown. An estimate of 22 crores has been prepared for the construction of the Vatika. Also, tenders are being invited for its construction. According to architect Sumit Agarwal, information has been taken from Haldwani Forest Research Center for the planting of Ramayana period in Vatika. Also, other texts including the Ramayana have been studied. The narrator and religious experts have also been contacted. Information has also been gathered by searching online websites.

Ramayan Vatika Bareilly
Ramayan Vatika Bareilly

Ramayan Vatika Bareilly have Themes and images

According to Sumit, along with the plants of Ramayana period in the Vatika, the description of the incidents related to the life of Shri Ram will also be displayed on the walls. Statues related to these events will also be installed, so that the people who reach the garden can have complete information about the plants as well as the related incident. Chitrakoot, Dandakaranya, Panchavati, Mata Sabari Ashram, Kishkindha, Ashok Vatika, Pampa Sarovar etc. will be developed in the garden. All the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu will be displayed on the Dashavatara pillar.

These plants will be planted in the garden

Mango, Brahmi, Asna, Neem, Bamboo in Chitrakoot, Arjuna, Teak, Sal, Padal, Bakli, Mahua, Gaub in Dandakaranya, Ashoka, Peepal, Banyan, Bell, Amla, Kishkindha in Panchavati, Blood sandalwood, Dhak, Kaitha, Sandalwood In Ashok Vatika, Sita Ashok, Nag Kesar, Champa, Maulsiri, Dronagiri will have trees of Mruth Sanjeevani. Apart from this, a solar tree will also be planted for the use of solar energy. In this park, open air theatre, clock tower will also be set up for the children to play. According to the BDA vice-president, the park will develop from the point of view of tourism.

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