BDA against illegal constructions

The demolition action taken by the enforcement team of BDA Bareilly against illegal constructions of smugglers and cyber thugs is as follows:-

  • Under the Bareilly Development Area, a luxurious three-storey building was constructed by Mr. Ishakat alias Aloo Wala, son of Mr. Sakhawat, in Sarai Ward No.-13, Fatehganj West, in an area of ​​about 200 square yards, without the permission of the Bareilly Development Authority. The above illegal builder is an illegal smuggler, against whom M.S.-339/2014 Section 8/21 NDPS Act Police Station Fatehganj Western, Bareilly, M.S.-62/2020 Section 323 I.P.C. Police Fatehganj Western, Bareilly, M.S.-349/2021 Section 8/21 NDPS First information report is registered in Act Police Station Fatehganj West, Bareilly M.S.-350/2021 Section 8/21 NDPS Act Police Station Fatehganj West, Bareilly. Apart from this, first information reports have been registered against the family members of the said illegal builder in various police stations under various sections related to smuggling.
  • The construction work of a building in about 200 square yards area was done by Shri Jamshed’s son Shri Shaukat Khan at village Dhantiya Bareilly without the permission of Bareilly Development Authority. There are many cases registered against the said manufacturer for cheating related to cyber crime and illegally hacking ATM.
  • While taking action against the above illegal constructions under relevant sections of the UP City Planning and Development Act, 1973, Assistant Engineers of the Authority, Mr. Anil Kumar and Junior Engineers Mr. Raman Agarwal, Mr. Arvind Kumar Srivastava, Mr. Harish Chaudhary, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Mr. In the presence of SK Singh etc. Enforcement team and police force of Police Station, Fatehganj, Bareilly, today, on 21-04-2022, the demolition proceedings were successfully executed against the above illegal constructions.
Bareilly Development Authority against illegal constructions
BDA against illegal constructions

Action has been taken by Bareilly Development Authority against illegal constructions of about 22 smugglers/cyber thugs. Effective demolition proceedings will continue against unauthorized constructions under Bareilly development area without obtaining permission from the Development Authority. No laxity will be taken from the authority level on the constructions of unauthorized construction, whether it is done by a colonizer or a smuggler or has been done by any particular person. By including unauthorized constructions in the demolition drive on priority basis, the process of their demolition will continue to be ensured.