Bareilly Development Authority

To develop Greater Bareilly, the Bareilly Development Authority (BDA) will utilise its savings and bank deposits. The farmers will receive 1200 crore in place of land. BDA’s bank account contains 500 crores. For the settlement of the remaining funds, the BDA has gathered. BDA asserts that the Greater Bareilly project will bring in more over 2000 crores for BDA.

Greater Bareilly by BDA
Greater Bareilly by BDA

In 2002, the Ramganga Nagar housing development was created. However, the plan was unable to proceed in ten years. After 2019, the plan started to take off. Here, plots with four to five sectors were sold, generating a healthy profit. This replenished BDA’s treasury. Currently, this idea is about finished. Greater Bareilly Colony will be built in preparation for its expansion. BDA has created a comprehensive plan for this. The BDA team went to the relevant villages for this. also make contact with farmers. Preparations for implementing this plan on the ground weren’t done until the survey report arrived.

Farmers will get check as soon as the bond is done

In seven communities, 225 hectares of land will be purchased. The seven villages that make up this village are Kacholi, Dohria, Mohanpur, and Navadiya Jhada. These villages’ farmers hold about 800 acres of this property. Over 65% of farmers have filled out authorization papers to donate their land, according to the BDA. After Diwali, the sale procedure will now begin. The farmers will receive checks as soon as they complete the denama. It will receive four times the circular rate as payment.

35 lakh tap and boring cost

In accordance with the land acquisition regulations, BDA is also conducting social and economic surveys in these settlements. The survey will reveal all of the advantages that will result from the establishment of this colony. Additionally, an estimate was made of the sum farmers paid to have taps, drilling, etc. installed in their fields. On all of these, about 35 lakhs have been spent.