Greater Bareilly Registration

Bareilly Development Authority has published a scheme for allotment of residential plots in Sector-2A of Greater Bareilly Housing Scheme through lottery. This is a very ambitious project of the Authority.


  1. Scheme Details / Greater Bareilly Housing Scheme

The Greater Bareilly Housing Scheme, being developed by the Bareilly Development Authority, is on the Lucknow-Delhi Bada Bypass and Bareilly Bisalpur road. Under this scheme, 238 hectares of land is being developed in villages Aharola, Mohanpur alias Ramnagar, Kathari, Walipur – Ahmedpur, Navadiya Jhada, Kacholi,Itaua Veniram and Doharia .

  • Date of Registration/ Registration Amount

The registration of the scheme is to be done from 17-08-2023 to 16-09-2023 . During this period, applicants can register themselves by following the prescribed procedure.

Registration/ Description / The booklet can be purchased from Punjab National Bank, Bareilly, a bank authorised by the Authority by depositing Rs. 590/- (Rupees – Five Hundred Ninety Only) (including GST) in the Authority account. Or you can apply on the authority’s website for online application .  

Different types of plots in Greater Bareilly

  1. 112.50 Square meter ( 440 Plot for sale ) 7.5 m x 15 m
  2. 162 square meters ( 40 plots for sale ) 9 meters x 18 meters
  3. 200 square meters (100 plots for sale) 10 meters x 20 meters
Greater Bareilly Awasiya yojana

PDF of Greater Bareilly Awasiya Yojna

The applicant should be a citizen of India. 

  • The age of the applicant should be minimum 18 years as on the last date of application in the scheme.  
  • The applicant must be a citizen of India. In this regard, after selection in the lottery, the residence certificate within 01 month from the date of issue of allotment letter , including residential certificate ration card, Aadhaar card, voter ID card, driving license, , , , Passport, bank passbook, gas connection, electricity connection, , , telephone bill and insurance receipts etc. will have, to be provided.  
  • The applicant or his/her family (family means the applicant his/her spouse). The applicant should have any land of his/her own, including a plot of land, land developed by the Development Authority, Housing Development Council, Improvement Trust, any local body, , , co-operative society, etc., in the development area of the agency in question. There should not be a building.

Reservation in Greater Bareilly

Government Order No. 0-4982 9-A-1-99-79 Meeting / 99 As per the following reservation table, the applicant has to fill the quota code in the application form and attach the desired certificate with the application form. Non-attachment of the desired certificate will be considered under the general category, the responsibility of which will be with the applicant and any objection/objection in this regard will be raised later. The request will not be valid. It will happen.  

  • SC , ST, OBC, freedom fighter, ex-servicemen and their dependents and disabled category applicants will have to attach the certificate issued by the competent authority.  
  • MP. MLA Applicants of MP category will have to attach a photocopy of their identity card and a certificate by marking it on their official letter. 
  • Applicants of the employee category of Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Council, Development Authority, Water Institute, Municipality and Local Bodies will have to attach the certificate issued by the head of the department of their institution.  
  • Applicants falling under the category of government servants and employees of security services who have completed, 50 years of age will have to attach the service certificate and age certificate of their service employer.  
  • After due consideration, it has been decided by the Government that 10 percent reservation should be made for senior citizens of the society in the disposal of properties, but this reservation will not be separate but will be from the reservation available for each category. For example, if the elderly person belongs to a Scheduled Caste, then 10 percent of the 21 percent reservation fixed for that category will be available to the elderly. This type of reservation will be horizontal.  
  • Housing and Urban Planning Section-1, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow 8-1-18-185 Miscellaneous/ In view of the provision made in Level-7 of the Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 dated 15.05.2018, horizontal reservation for persons with disabilities has been revised to 0.5% from 0.3%.  
  • Senior citizens refer to persons who have completed 60 years of age as on the date of application, it is mandatory to attach an age certificate to get reservation. It is mandatory to attach a certificate issued by the competent authority for reservation.  

Bank for Greater Bareilly fixed

The payment of registration amount has to be submitted along with the application form in the account no. 1870000100587106 IFSC code – PUNB0187000 of the bank authorized by the Authority – Punjab National Bank Branch Rajendra nagar, Bareilly. The online application can be made on the authority’s website.

The remaining 75 percent of the remaining amount of the plots will have to be paid in 08 quarterly installments of 2 years. The installments will be determined by adding 10.00 percent annual interest. Non-payment of installments on time In case of defaulter, 02% additional penalty will be payable with interest i.e. at the rate of 12.00% annual interest.  

The final value of the plot will be decided as per the actual measurements. 

In case the cost of development works increases or if the cost of land acquisition increases due to any reason, the increased amount will be deposited from the allottees on proportionate basis before the registry. 

  • Applicants belonging to SC/ST category will have to deposit 50 per cent of the registration amount but will not be able to deposit the plot/ plot. No discount in the total cost of the building will be admissible. The remaining 50 percent of the registration amount will have to be deposited along with the allocation amount.  
  • The allotment amount has to be deposited within 01 month from the date of issue of allotment letter. The remaining amount can be paid in installments or in lump sum.
  • One Lump Sum Fill in code 01 for down payment method and code 02 for payment in installments .  
  • After depositing the allotment amount, the remaining 75 percent amount will have to be deposited within a maximum period of 02 months from the date of issue of allotment letter. Payment of dues can be made online/online. Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque/ RTGS / In case of payment through pay order, the date of transfer of funds to the Authority account shall be treated as the date of payment.
  • In case of allotment of corner plot, 10% additional amount will be payable on the value of the plot. The area of the plot may change according to the terrestrial position. The final value of the plot will be decided on the basis of assessed area based on actual measurements. If the area of the allotted plot, decreases or increases from the standard area mentioned in the table, the revised price will be payable as per rules.
  • In case of increase in the area of the allotted property up to 10 percent, the increased area will be calculated at the allotted rate and in case of more than 10 percent increase, the rate of more than 10 percent area will be calculated at the prevailing rate of the sector at that time.. In case the area of the plot increases by more than 10 percent, if the allottee is not willing to take the property, then in such a situation, he can get back the entire amount deposited without deduction interest by making a written application.  
  • Penal interest will be payable separately as per rules for non-payment of dues on time. Penalty interest on late deposit of allotment amount or installments after allotment is 02%. |Additional i.e. 12.00 per cent per annum will be payable. The delay period will be calculated in days.  
  • If there is a holiday in the bank on the due date, the allottee shall ensure that the amount payable is credited to the authority’s bank account on a working day before the due date  
  • In case of non-deposit of the amount of installments due on time, three consecutive installments will be paid to the competent officer/ officer. The Vice-Chairman, Bareilly Development Authority shall have the power to cancel the allotment.
  • Stamp duty will be payable as per rules including the entire deposit amount (principal and interest) and free hold charges at the time of registration of the plot.  

The allotment of plots will be done by lottery draw between the application forms received.

Date of lottery draw 

  • The information will be given through daily newspapers and on the website of the Authority . The result of the lottery can be seen on the authority notice board and the authority’s website the next day.

Return of Registration if not allotted plot

  • The registration amount will be refunded to the applicants who fail in the lottery without interest within 3 months from the date of lottery draw. The applicant will be required to mention his bank account number, IFSC code, bank name and branch in the registration form.,
  • In case more than one plot of land is allotted to a family during the lottery process, no deduction will be made from the registration amount if more than one plot is allotted to the authority within a week. Applications received after the due date will be refunded by deducting 25 percent from the registration amount as per rules.
  • The sale deed of the plots allotted by the authority will be registered as free hold. Free hold fee of 12% of the total value of the plot will be payable within one month from the date of issue of allotment letter along with the allotment amount. In case of delay, 10.00 percent interest will be charged.  

Possession of Plots in Greater Bareilly

After payment of the full value of the plot and other expenses and completion of all the development works within the stipulated time period in RERA, possession will be given to provide a photo copy of the registry in the office after the registry. The stamp duty and other expenses payable at the time of registry will be borne by the allottee himself. In case of non-possession of the plot within the period specified by the Authority, the allottee will be paid a watchman fee of Rs.300.00 (three hundred per month) per month as per rules .

Cancellation of registration and refund of deposits

  • If a registered applicant wants to withdraw the registration amount before allotment, the registration amount will be refunded to him without interest. The applicant’s application form has to be submitted in writing to the authority office before the lottery draw of the plots.  
  • If an applicant wants to get his land cancelled and withdraw the money after the allotment, then the allottee will deduct 25 percent of the registration amount and return the remaining amount without interest.  
  • If the registration amount is deposited in the authority for more than one year, interest will be payable at the rate of simple interest on the savings account currently in operation with the banks.  
  • As per rules, any family (husband, wife and minor children) will be governed by the Development Authority/ Development Authority. Housing Development Council There is a provision to allot only one plot of land from the Housing Committee etc. In case more than one plot of land is allotted during the lottery in the family, the allottee will be required to return the other allotted properties to the authority within 01 week from the date of uploading the lottery list on the website. There will be no reduction during this period. In case such allotments are to be surrendered after 01 week, the registration amount will be refunded with a deduction of 25% as per rules.  

Hiding the facts 

  • If any statement given by the applicant is found to be false or any important fact is found to be hidden, the Vice-Chairman, , Bareilly Development Authority, Bareilly, shall have every right to allotment/allotment. Cancel the registration and confiscate the entire registration amount deposited by the allottee. In addition, other legal proceedings, may be taken by the Authority as it thinks fit .

Liability of taxes etc.

  • The allottee shall pay service tax, maintenance charges, all municipal taxes and other taxes levied by the local body or government under rules and bye-laws, from time to time from the date of taking possession,

The allottee will take the electricity connection, water connection and sewer connection from the concerned department at his own expense.  

What to do for Greater Bareilly Housing Scheme Application/Registration

  • Candidates can apply for registration and get the application form from Punjab National Bank, Branch – Rajendranagar, , Bareilly authorized by the Authority by paying Rs. 590.00 (including GST) on any working day from 17.08.2023 to 16.09.2023 . The filled application form, will have to be submitted to the authorized bank Punjab National Bank, Branch – Rajendra nagar, Bareilly.

  • Greater Bareilly Brochure / The application form for Sector 2a can also be downloaded from the Bareilly Development Authority’s website At the time of applying for registration, the value of the brochure along with the application form is Rs. 590.00 (including GST) and the demand draft / document payable in favor of the Secretary of the Registration Authority, Bareilly Development Authority, Bareilly. / Pay – Order / Backers can apply by attaching a cheque. The said demand draft / Pay – Order / The application form will not be valid if the backer’s cheque is not attached.

Check List – Before filling the application form, the following information / information should be given. Be sure to keep the form with you. 

  • Rs. Notary/ Notary on stamp paper of Rs. 10.00. Affidavit attested by magistrate
  • Copy of self-signed Aadhaar card.
  • Mobile number has to be entered.
  • If the vertical reservation is in the category, then its reservation category (SC/ST) is in the category. Scheduled tribe/ Keep a certificate of OTHER BACKWARD CLASS (OBC) along with you to attach it. Certificate of special reservation (District Magistrate/District Magistrate) Additional District Magistrate Deputy District Magistrate A copy of the certificate issued by the Tahsildar has to be attached.
  • The eligible applicant will have to attach his/her latest (taken within one month) passport size colour photograph. In case of joint application of husband and wife, photographs of both have to be attached.
  • If the applicant is under the category of Persons with Disabilities (horizontal reservation category), then carry a certificate of disability category to attach it.
  • Bank account details (account number, IFSC code, bank name, , , branch) in which the registration amount will be refunded to the unsuccessful applicant.
  • Husband/ Wife’s Aadhaar number (if married)
  • 18.9 Father/Son Mother’s Base/ Voter ID Card / Keep it with you to attach pan card. ( Unmarried men/ Unmarried Woman/ Unmarried bisexual and widowed It is mandatory for single women. ) 

Use of plots at Greater Bareilly Township

  • The plots will be used by the allottee only for residential purpose. Action will be taken by the authority for cancellation of the plot if it is used other than residential. 
  • Only after the possession is received, the construction work will be done. It will be mandatory to approve the online map as per rules before carrying out construction work. It will be necessary to work on the site according to the prescribed design and color code, otherwise in case the allotment will be canceled and other legal action will be taken.