Sector 1 Ramganga nagar bareilly

Illegal constructions done by the illegal occupants were freed from possession of the Authority’s land . The Cost of Land is about 75.00 crores . Sabarmati Enclave lies in Sector 1 of Ramganga Ganga Nagar Awas Yojana Bareilly

Taking a humane approach towards the illegal occupants of the acquired land of Bareilly Development Authority, earlier these illegal occupants were given the opportunity to get the plots of the Authority at concessional rates. These illegal occupants were also provided with the facility to make payment within 10 years without down payment, those who were not willing to take the plot were repeatedly requested to make their alternative arrangements, so that the illegal occupants could be cleared. The allottees can be given possession of the plot by getting it removed. Due to illegal encroachments, the possession was not being given to the allottees on a large scale even after full payment.

On 09-05-2022, action was taken to get the illegal encroachment removed from the acquired land of Bareilly Development Authority and the land acquired from 26 illegal occupants was vacated, the cost of which is approximately Rs-75 crore. The remaining illegal occupants have also been given two days time and they have been requested to remove their illegal possession within two days.

At the time of implementation of the said demolition, the Secretary, Shri Yogendra Kumar, Shri Rajiv Dixit, Superintending Engineer, Shri Ashu Mittal, Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Shri Pramod Kumar Gupta, Shri RK Chaudhary, Shri Anil Kumar, all the Junior Engineers and staff of the Authority and Peaceful action was taken with the cooperation of police force and PAC force of Police Station Bithri Chainpur.

All the general public are informed that in no case any illegal occupation / encroachment / illegal construction / purchase / sale should be done on the acquired land of the Authority / land owned by the State Government by the Bareilly Development Authority, otherwise the concerned Strict action will be taken against him.